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HT100 HACCP Touch

Part No: HT100

The HT100 HACCP Touch is an easy and cost-effective device for collecting, recording and storing daily temperatures of critical items in receiving, storage, prep, cooking and holding as well as many of the other checklists you’ve been filling out by hand.

  • Simple paperless HACCP recording
  • Easy to navigate touchscreen interface
  • Record tasks, temperatures and corrective actions
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    HT100 HACCP Touch

    Find out more about the HT100 HACCP Touch by viewing the short video below:

    If you are responsible for the HACCP measures in your business and still rely on paper-based control and checklists to maintain the safety of your food items and the quality of your cleaning and equipment checks, then the HT100 from Comark is for you. The HT100 HACCP Touch is your cost-effective way of electronically collecting, recording and storing all of your temperature measurements, as well as managing your other HACCP related checklists. It features an easy-to-read colour touch screen and a hard-wearing rubber boot to help protect it in your tough working environment.

    The HT100 can be used in-conjunction with a wide range of Comark Probes, allowing you complete flexibility and the reassurance of knowing you have the right probe for the job. The included software allows you to simply and quickly convert your existing HACCP Plans into an intuitive paperless format. Once uploaded, the HT100 will guide you through your pre-programmed actions and tasks and prompt you for any corrective actions. The HT100 will reliably store all of your HACCP data throughout the day and a simple PC connection will allow you to quickly download your data for safe storage, review and reporting, providing you with the essential reassurance needed, when it comes to your food safety audit trail.

    • Simple paperless HACCP recording
    • Critical control points are monitored with pre-programmed corrective actions
    • Record HACCP temperatures and other check lists, with pre-programmed corrective actions
    • Easy to navigate touchscreen interface
    • Record tasks, temperatures and corrective actions
    • Free easy to use Windows™ software
    • Works with all your sub-min thermocouple probes
    • Download reports as Excel or PDF
    • Rugged rubber boot included

    Please Note:

    To log on to the Software requires a Username and Password. The default Username is ‘Administrator’ and the default Password is ‘administrator’. Once opened there is the opportunity to change the Password, however, the default Username cannot be changed.

    It is not possible for Comark to bypass the security, so please do not forget any new Password, as this will result in having to remove and re-install the Software.

    Technical Specifications

    Name Value
    Display Type 7.62 cm (3”) four color resistive touch screen
    Temperature Measurement Range (Type K Thermocouple) -73°C to +537°C / -99°F to +999°F
    Temperature Measurement Range (Type T Thermocouple) -73°C to +400°C / -99°F to +752°F
    Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C / +32°F to +122°F
    Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C / -4°F to +122°F
    Internal Resolution 0.1°
    Temperature Accuracy (Instrument Only) ±0.5°C / ±0.9°F
    Housing Water resistant with durable (Food Safe) ABS plastic rubber boot
    Supported Probes Accepts all K and T Type Thermocouple Probes with Sub-Min Connector (sold separately)
    Power Supply Battery recharged via micro USB cable (included)
    Battery Type Lithium Polymer Rechargeable
    Battery Life 8 hours charge
    Storage Capacity Store up to 65,000 readings in up to 100 separate folders for instant retrieval by date or product
    Software Requirement Microsoft Windows™ 7 or higher
    Warranty Period 1 Year