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HACCP Solutions

Using HACCP products, gathering the data electronically has never been easier. Hand-held instruments can be fully programmed to record information on all critical events in your HACCP plan, including temperature and cleaning checks.

HT100 HACCP Touch

The HT100 HACCP Touch is an easy and cost-effective device for collecting, recording and storing daily temperatures of critical items in receiving, storage, prep, cooking and holding as well as many of the other checklists you’ve been filling out by hand.


  • Simple paperless HACCP recording
  • Easy to navigate touchscreen interface
  • Record tasks, temperatures and corrective actions

  • N5001USB HACCP Auditor

    The N5001USB HACCP Auditor is used in HACCP, due diligence and health and safety systems to log, monitor and manage data. Flexible recording and reporting throughout the supply chain.

  • Supports Type K and Type T Probes
  • Connector Type: 6-Pin Lumberg
  • Full graphic display LCD

  • C12 HACCP Food Thermometer

    The C12 HACCP Food Thermometer is ideal for catering, food service and other food uses where color-coded labels could reduce the risks from cross-contamination.

  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C / -40°F to +257°F
  • Supplied with Air Probe, Penetration probe and HACCP Labels
  • Rugged and Water-Resistant Case

  • P125W - Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer

  • LEDs indicate temperatures within HACCP limits
  • New Model P125W/82 with 82°C Upper Temperature Limit for Re-Heating Food
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 13485:2002 Quick Frozen Food Guidelines

  • FPP - Food Pro Plus

    The FPP Food Pro Plus for infrared temperature measurement has a countdown timer and a flip-down Thin-Tip penetration probe.

  • Infrared Temperature Range: -35°C to +275°C / -30°F to +525°F
  • Probe Temperature Range: -40°C to +150°C / -40°F to +302°F
  • Emissivity: Pre-set for food service applications

  • PDT300 - Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer

    The PDT300 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer with 1.5mm Thin Tip Probe is an ideal pen-style digital cooking thermometer that is slim and fits flat in your pocket.

  • Temperature Range: -50°C to +150°C / -58°F to +300°F
  • Thin Tip Probe: 1.5mm
  • Accurate to ±1°C / ±2°F