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FPP – Food Pro Plus

Part No: FPP

The FPP Food Pro Plus for infrared temperature measurement has a countdown timer and a flip-down Thin-Tip penetration probe.

  • Infrared Temperature Range: -35°C to +275°C / -30°F to +525°F
  • Probe Temperature Range: -40°C to +150°C / -40°F to +302°F
  • Emissivity: Pre-set for food service applications
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    Food Pro Plus

    The FPP Food Pro Plus for infrared temperature measurement has a countdown timer and a flip-down Thin-Tip penetration probe for more accurate confirmation of temperature where a potential problem has been identified, and comes complete with a carrying pouch. Target illumination shows measurement area so user can move closer for more accurate readings.

    HACCP temperature danger zones indicated with clear safe/unsafe LED warnings:

    • Green – temperatures are within safety guidelines and outside danger zone
    • Red  – warning – temperatures are inside the HACCP danger zone and potentially unsafe – HACCP danger zone set at +4°C to +60°C/ +40°F to +140°F


    • Scan Quickly scan temperatures without risk of cross-contamination
    • Probe Verify internal temperatures with flip down probe thermometer
    • Timer Set adjustable alarms for line check reminders
    • HACCP Check Indication lights instantly warn of potentially unsafe temperatures
    • Hand Washable Sealed to IP54 standards for long life expectancy and accuracy
    • Spot Illumination Target infrared measurements highlighted by LED
    • Scale °C/°F switchable
    • Extended Life Two year warranty standard for normal use

    About HACCP

    Food business need to conduct a hazard analysis of their food operations and implement suitable and sufficient controls to eliminate the risks posed by identified hazards. They will need a fully documented food safety management system based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles.

    Technical Specifications

    Name Value
    Working Range 12mm to 300mm / 0.5in to 12in
    Min Target Size 12mm / 0.5in
    Distance to Spot Ratio 2.5 to 1
    Target Illumination High brightness LED
    Emissivity Pre-set for food service applications
    Spectral Response 8 to 14 microns
    Measurement Range (Infra Red) -35°C to +275°C / -30°F to +525°F
    Accuracy (IR) (0°C to +65°C) ±1°C
    Accuracy (IR) (32°F to +150°F) ±2°F
    Accuracy (IR) (below 0°C / +32°F) ±1°C / ±2°F, ±0.1 degree/degree
    Accuracy (IR) (above +65°C / +150°F) ±1.5% of reading
    Thin-Tip Probe Sensor Class A Platinum thin film RTD
    Measurement Range (Probe) -40°C to +150°C / -40°F to +302°F
    Speed of Response Under 8 seconds for 95% of responses
    Probe Accuracy (-5°C to 65°C / 23°F to 150°F) ±0.5°C / ±1°F
    Probe Length 78mm (3.2in)
    Probe Diameter 3mm stepped down to 1.5mm
    Countdown Timer 10 seconds to 7 hours, 59mins
    Environmental Protection IP54
    Ambient Operating Range 0 to +50°C / +32°F to +122°F
    Humidity at +30°C / +86°F 90% (±5% RH)
    Battery 1 x 9V alkaline
    Battery Life 10 hours @ +23°C / +73°F
    Weight With Battery 150g / 0.33lbs
    Certification NSF Listed
    Warranty Period Two Years
    Dimensions 165mm / 6.5in W, 32mm / 1.25in W, 50mm / 2in D