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Pocket Dial Thermometers

Manish Enginneering Company has a wide range of Dial Thermometers, suited to a variety of applications. Please select one of the sub-categories below to continue.

Candy Thermometer ( CD400K )

The CD400K Candy Thermometer with Indicator for Sugar Temperatures has a large, easy-to-read dial and is dishwasher proof so it is simple to keep clean.

  • Temperature Range +40° to +200°C / +100° to +400°F
  • Division: 5°
  • Accuracy: ±1 Division

  • Meat ( MT200K )

    The MT200K Meat Thermometer with Safe Cooking Temperature Zones can be inserted into the food at the beginning of the cooking time and remain there throughout cooking. The temperature indicator on the meat thermometer will rise slowly as the food cooks.

  • Range +60° to +85°C / +120° to +200°F
  • Accuracy ±1 Division
  • Stem Length: 120mm

  • TC100 - Pocket Dial Thermometer

  • Tough, durable and accurate 1 inch dial thermometer
  • 5 inch stem
  • Plastic, watertight lens
  • Magnifying dial cover
  • Stainless steel construction
  • NSF approved
  • Easy to calibrate with new calibration nut
  • Calibration nut adjustable with finger pressure
  • Range: -10ºC to +100ºC